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May 14th, 2014
When listing your Real Estate Business and properties on Australia Real Estate Directory you will be known and contacted by thousands of visitors who a...

When listing your Real Estate Business and properties on Australia Real Estate Directory you will be known and contacted by thousands of visitors who access this Real Estate Portal on a daily basis.

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Learn about the different plans to advertise properties on the internet

If you are an entrepreneur, the plans on International Real Estate Alliance, designed for real estates may come in handy, when it comes to advertise properties on the internet. These plans can be purchase by any company, you need only to browse through them and find the one, which will fit you like a glove. The prices on these plans vary; they depend on how many properties you are planning to advertise.

Plans designed for your properties

There are different ways of reaching the possible clients scattered on the world of the internet. To properly sell properties online and select the ideal plan among the ones IREA-AII offers. You may want to take these aspects into consideration, how many properties are you selling? And how do you see your company a year from the moment you start advertising? With that in mind, you can choose the plan which will be more suited to your needs.

We offer four types of packages, bronze, silver, gold and platinum. Each plan, adapted to the different types of company, starting with small firms, picking up intensity until they adjust to the big corporations on the field.

Bronze Plan

Thinking about all clients, International Real Estate Alliance takes care of all the businesses from a small one to a big one, our plans start with the basic real estates, the start-ups. With the bronze plan, you can advertise properties on the Internet to a maximum of 25.

You may think this plan, will not adapt to your needs because you only have 10 or 15 properties. On this phase, you should be visualizing the future of your company. Maybe in no time at all, because of those few properties, you will have many others asking for your services. The bronze plan can last up to a year. You can later add other properties that come to you, due to how well you did or are doing with the first ones.

Silver Plan

With the Silver Plan, your listing can be up to 500 properties. The correct advertisement will bring in more than one offer to your doorstep.

When you advertise a property on the internet by placing informative, inviting ads to do so, it means you can reach a wider population than you normally do. Our team of experts can guide you through any doubt you might have, about the proper way of listing your ads accurately and efficiently.

Gold Plan

1500 properties can be listed under this particular plan, the even bigger companies can easily purchase this plan to advertise properties on the internet; doing the proper announcement for several properties it is the key point, it’s what will difference you from others. If you have 1000 properties but are waiting on finalization of a 100 or 500 more, then this plan it is definitely for you. When you have the rest of the properties, you upload your new ads, see the stats offered to you by our page, where you can determine whether your advertisements are taking roots or not, this will help especially if you are a professional real estate agency.

 Platinum Plan

This plan, its designed for the magnates. You can list 5000 properties with this plan. On our page you will have free range to edit your ad later on, if you feel like the description you originally made doesn’t do justice to the properties or it is not reaching the heart of the potential buyers. You can count on our support, in case you need it.

Along with this plan, you should consider adding the Social Networks Plan. The plan works as an additional boost to the advertisements you are doing.

When you advertise properties on the internet, you have to make sure that all the basses are covered. The listing of your properties on several websites and networks, allows you to be confident on the power of the internet, people from around the world can log in into their computers and find out, that someone placed an ad about a property, with the exact specifications they were looking for. It is definitely a win-win situation.

Hiring a service from International Real Estate Alliance, guarantees you two facts that are closely tangled; your advertisement will be shown on 1122 websites, hence more than a million potential customers searching for the right property will see the ad.

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